Wedding & Event DJ Music service is a full-service event music planning company founded by Sonal Raga aka DJ Sonistar. She officially launched the business in December 2004 during her radio broadcasting career and by the following spring, she had more work than she could handle and created a unique boutique style business specializing in cultural events and parties.  

Professionalism is the focus and she has experience with the finest local venues to hotel ballrooms, urban parks, rustic lodges and sandy beaches to bars and even private estates and homes.

In 2011, DJ Soni  was named the area's best event service by Gig

Andrea Sanders, CMP

Andrea’s experience as a corporate event planner makes her the ideal choice by using DJ Soni as the entertainment and MC needs. She always reviews clients needs and makes sure the objectives are achieved.

The Wedding Planner Professionals







Since opening, DJ Soni has designed and executed more than 600 weddings, from small family affairs to 500-guest events.

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Ratings go from Excellent/5 to Poor/1
How accommodating was your Disc Jockey to your requests and suggestions? 5
How would you rate the DJ's music selection? 5
How would your rate the quality of the sound? 5
How would you rate the DJ's overall performance? 5
Would you recommend The Pros Disc Jockeys in the future? Yes
Comments: Dj Soni was so accomodating! I loved her flexibility and she was so professional. My mother was late to the ceremony and that pushed us back an hr, but she was mindful of the schedule and kept us on track.
Event ID: 6912081
Event Date: 6/14/2014
Event: The Wedding of Marilee Rust and Lizz Meador
IC: Sonal Raga
Submitted: 7/3/2014 10:22:48 PM

Jessica Preston

Jessica from Macy’s Event Marketing team and needed a DJ for Beauty Event and Cardholders, DJ Soni had great organization skills and unflappable calm that helped run a brilliant night and make sales!!.

DJ Soni will service the Orange County right through the south to San Diego Areas.

Vince Romelli

With 15 years of experience in catering and cooking, Vince is our go-to source for all things food-related and reviewed Dj Soni as the Best Vendor to work with under pressure!

DJ Soni orchestrates every musical element of your event and helps create a timeline that other vendors can use as a guide. 

Student Council Board

Short notice we needed a DJ for our Greek formal at Occidental College in Pasadena of Liberal Arts, Dj Soni saved the night and it was a fun time for all 500 students!